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Next schedule Contest rules Results
  ZAP Merit Contest  
Annually on 1st January Happy New Year Contest  
Annually on 1st January VHF-UHF Contest results
ON5ME-EuCW 160m CW party EUCW / UFT 160m-Contest *
Annually on 1st Saturday in February Straight Key Party (80m)  
Annually on 3rd Wednesday in February Semi Automatic Key evening  
Annually on 1st Tuesday in March YL-CW-Party  
Annually on 2nd Saturday in March QRP-Contest  
Annually on 3rd Saturday in March VHF-UHF Contest  
Annually from 1st January until 31st December AGCW Friendship Activity  
01 Jan to 30 Jun and 01 Jul to 31 Dec EuCW Activity Snakes And Ladders  
Mon 0000 to Fri 2400UTC after 4th Sun in Apr EUCW/AGCW-QRS-Party *  
Annually on 1st May QRP-QRP-Party  
2018-05-14 0000UTC until 2018-05-18 2400UTC Activity Week  
Annually on 3rd Saturday in June VHF-UHF Contest  
Saturday btwn 20th & 26th June EUCW Midsummer Straight Key Day *
1st Jan-30th Jun and 1st Jly-31st Dec  (half-yearly) Bug and Cootie
Annually on 1st Saturday in September Straight Key Party (40m) results
Annually on 4th Saturday in September VHF-UHF Contest  
Annually on 3rd October German Telegraphy Contest (DTC)  

*) The results of EUCW-contests will be published with the contest rules.