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I. Objective Activation of the semi-automatic keys (Bugs). All radio amateurs are invited to revive the 80m band with the distinctive sound of their bugs.
II. Dates Annually on the  third Wednesday in February from 1900 to 2030 UTC.
III. Bands 80 m (3510-3560kHz). The IARU Region 1 band plan must be adhered to!
IV. Operation Only CW (A1A). Only semi-automatic keys (Bugs) are allowed.
  2. Both call signs have to be sent at the start of a QSO.
    Example: DL1ABC de DL9XYZ.
  3. EXCHANGE: RST report plus a progressive 3-digit serial number starting at 001/the year in which the OP mastered the first time a semi-automatic key. Example: 579001/61
V. Scoring
    Each complete QSO is worth 1 point. Each station may only appear once in the log.
  2. TOTAL SCORE: Sum of all QSO points.
VI. Awards
Certificates for the top three. Each participant will receive a commemorative QSL card.
VII. LOG-Submission
  1. LOG INFORMATION: UTC, call, exchange sent/received, points, additional indication of the bug type, serial number and year of manufacture.
  2. ELECTRONIC LOG: We accept common log formats as TXT files.
  3. MANAGER: Ulf-Dietmar Ernst, DK9KR, Elbstraße 60, D-28199 Bremen, Germany.
    E-Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  4. DEADLINE: Arrived at the manager until 15 March.