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+++NTC QSO-Party+++
Date: every third Thursday of the month. Dates for 2021 are:
September 16, Oktober 21, November 18 and December 16.

The purpose of our QSO party is to stimulate activity
and practice CW in and around The Netherlands.
It is not a contest but a place and time to meet other
NTC members and welcome newcomers. Any type of
mechanical or electronic keying is allowed.

Please call CQ NTC to participate.

Time: 19.00 to 20.00 UTC

Mode: CW

Frequencies: around the official NTC frequencies,

  • 80m: 3.568 kHz
  • 40m: 7.038 kHz
  • 20m: 14.068 kHz

Exchange must include RST, name and NTC number.
If you are not a member send NM (Non Member) for
NTC number. Please send a realistic RST and not a
standard 5nn. Exchange of other information is allowed.

Scoring: PG6NTC 3 points, NTC members 2 points, all others 1 point.

Submit your log within 48 hours after the QSO party to
NetTelClub@outlook.com in any format you like.
Results will be published on the NTC website.

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