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Bug und Cootie (engl.)

Goal of the activity

Encouraging stress-free and regular CW activity with semi-automatic bugs or with sideswipers (cooties), away from pile-ups and contests, and enlivening the upper CW band segments.

Only connections where the OP used a mechanical bug or sideswiper (cootie) count towards the activity.

It doesn't matter which key the partner station uses.


No special formats or keys are prescribed for CQ loops, but for the center frequency 5 kHz below the end of the CW exclusive range, participants in this activity are encouraged to also call with Bug or Cootie, for example on 7,035 kHz ± 250 Hz is highly recommended to please the CW community with the beautiful sound of these keys even when calling CQ.


Always, logs are submitted at the end of the month. Honors for special achievements are given at the end of each half-year.


This activity is the opposite of a competition. The focus is not on competition and short QSOs, but on long radio connections that promote friendships.


Only the QSOs in the upper 10 kHz range of the CW exclusive range according to the valid IARU band plan are evaluated. All bands from 10 m to 80 m can be used, including WARC bands. QSOs in the 60 m band are not counted. Traditional bug or cootie sked frequencies should not be affected, so the recommended ringing frequency is the QRG 5 kHz below the CW end of the band, e.g. 7.035 kHz or 14.065 kHz.


At the end of the six-month period, each participant will receive a certificate in PDF format by email.


A worthwhile QSO lasts at least 5 minutes. 1 point for every 5 minutes completed. A QSO with a duration of 10 to 14 minutes earns 2 points, etc.


Logs are to be sent to the evaluator in ADIF format by e-mail or as a paper log. The log must be received by the evaluator before the 8th of the following month.
Example of log:
Date start - end call


Logs can be submitted up to the 7th of the following month.


Lothar Grahle, DL1DXL August-Bebel-Strasse 15 D- 01468 Moritzburg, e-mail bugcootie@agcw.de The respective interim status will be published in the AGCW telegram (Monday 1800 UTC 3,563 kHz), in the AGCW mailing list and on our website:


Bug und Cootie

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