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Freunde, Clubs und Verbindungen

International CW Council

Our Mission

The International CW Council (ICWC) – founded 16th January 2021 – comprised of representatives from CW clubs world-wide, promotes and aids in the retention and growth of International Morse Code as a mode of communication between amateur radio operators.

Please visit our website for further details.

Our Goals

  • Retention and growth of the use of International Morse Code as a mode of communication between amateur radio operators
  • Promoting and publicizing the mentoring of prospective operators to learn International Morse Code and use it as a mode of communications
  • Providing outreach to amateur radio operators, who use other modes, to explore using CW
  • Publicizing and promoting the use of CW as a mode of communications to social media, amateur radio and other well-known organizations, by providing resource information for them
  • Encouraging inter-CW Club cooperation and joint activities

Our Accomplishments

  1. CWops Giving Back Programm: CWops manages a program that encourages CW activity. The ICWC coordinated a volunteer effort from its members, which not only doubled participation but also increased the scope and frequency of this worldwide, daily event.
  2. UNESCO IntangibeI Cultural Heritage Program: ICWC gave its support to the initiative to add Morse Code to the UNESCO IntangibleI Cultural Heritage Program.

Our Member Clubs

  • AGCW-DL, Germany
  • A1 CLUB, Japan
  • CWJF, Brazil
  • CWops, USA
  • CW QRS (Telegram Group), Italy
  • European CW Association (EUCW), Europe
  • EA CW, Spain
  • 4SQRP, USA
  • First Class CW Operators’ Club (FOC)
  • FISTS CW Club
  • French Telegraphic Club (CFT), Belgium
  • International Independent CW Club (CQCW), Russia
  • Keymen’s Club of Japan (KCJ), Japan
  • K1USN Radio Club (K1USN), USA
  • LIDS
  • Long Island CW Club, USA
  • Maritime Operators Radiotelegraphy Service (MORSE), Italy
  • Netherlands Telegraphy Club (NTC), The Netherlands
  • North American QRP CW Club (NAQCC), USA
  • PRO-CW-CLUB, Romania
  • QRP Amateur Radio Club International (QRP-ARCI)
  • RCWC, Russia
  • SP-CW-C, Poland
  • Straight Key Century Club (SKCC), USA
  • Tortugas CW Group, Spain
  • True Blue DXers Club
  • UFT, France
  • VK Radio Amateur Group, Australia


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