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In memoriam of the great CW enthusiast Janosz “Jan” Weisz (HA3NS) (1955–2000),
one of the founders of HACWG.

Janosz “Jan” Weisz (HA3NS) (1955–2000)

Date and time of the contest in this year: Friday, June 04 2021.
1st period 7 MHz 19.00–19.29 UTC
2nd period 3.5 MHz 19.30–9.59 UTC
Band: 7.010–7.040 kHz and 3.510–3.560 kHz
Mode: CW only
Categories: Single op (single TX)
Exchange: 599 + membership number for HACWG members,
599 + NM to all other participants.
Call for contest: CQ NS
Multiplier: no multipliers
Score: Each valid contact counts 1 point. The final score is the total
number of valid contacts.

QSY (Sprint) Rule: If a station makes a QSO after a CQ or QRZ he/she
have to QSY at least 1 KHz from that frequency to continue the competition.
Awards: downloadable electronic awards will be available

Log: Log must be upload in Cabrillo format to our site
If you are not able to create Cabrillo or upload your log, please send
it via E-Mail.

Log deadline: not later than 7 days after the contest.

73 Lacy HA3NU AGCW#1373

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